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The Story:

Our Re-invent project is dedicated to addressing the textile waste generated by the hospitality 

industry. The hospitality sector, bound by health standards and protocols, is often compelled to dispose of items like towels, bed sheets, and robes after a period of time, even when they remain in excellent condition.


These garments were made from up-cycled beach towels in Miami, Florida giving these abandoned towels a chance to re-invent themselves showing us how challenges can turn into opportunities. 


This collection was crafted by immigrant women navigating their own journeys of reinvention in a new country, these tote bags represent resilience and adaptation. 


With our Towel Project, we celebrate the beauty of second chances and the boundless possibilities that come from embracing change. Together, let's inspire others to reimagine their narratives and

discover the extraordinary within themselves.

xx, JQ Foundation Family


Sewing Process

March 2024

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