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Join JQ Group and JQ Foundation’s Fundraiser Golf Tournament, where we tee off for the sustainable future of Miami! Together, let's swing for a greener and more resilient community while supporting local organizations working towards protecting the planet of tomorrow. 

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Our Saving the Planet project  is an exciting and transformative opportunity that can revolutionize both K-12 education and our planet's future. The United Nations has recognized this time as a time to fight climate change and simultaneously enhance education and economies. Through your sponsorship, we can lead the difference in these critical areas.

The “Saving the planet” initiative is a pilot project that will be launched starting the 2023-2024 school year in Miami- Dade Schools. 


Through the Spanish curriculum in Miami Dade schools, we aim to lead the environmental education movement. The goal of the program is to educate students about the importance of environmental consciousness and recycling by instilling a genuine understanding of Ecodesign and the 5Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and restore). Or how we like to call it  “reducir, reutilizar, reciclar, rechazar , y restaurar”


In 2021, Miami-Dade set ambitious sustainability goals, aiming to reduce landfill waste by 50%, convert 50% of non-recycled garbage to energy by 2030, increase recycling rates by 10%, and cut nonrecyclable “contamination” - Check out Miami-Dade’s Climate Action Strategy


We believe that change starts with education, with your support, we can nurture a generation of young minds who embrace innovation and become environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. 


Become part of the next generation of education.


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Master Sponsor - $10,000


This package includes a slot for 8 players. Attendees will see an exclusive hole and tent branded with your logo. As the main sponsor, your logo will be featured on social media and all our creative assets. Lastly, you'll receive a donation certificate to acknowledge your contribution.


Champion Sponsor - $5,000


This package allows for 4 players. Attendees will see a shared hole and tent featuring your brand. As a sponsor, your logo will be highlighted on social media and placed on all our creative assets. You'll also receive a donation certificate to acknowledge your contribution.


Open Sponsor - $2,800


This package offers a slot for 2 players. Attendees will find a shared branded hole representing your brand. As a sponsor, your logo will be emphasized on social media and integrated into all our creative assets. Your logo will also be featured prominently on all advertising material. A donation certificate will be provided in recognition of your contribution. 


Classic Sponsor - $1,800


This package includes a slot for 1 player. As a sponsor, your logo will be highlighted on social media and included on all our creative assets. Additionally, your logo will be prominently displayed on all advertising material. You'll receive a donation certificate acknowledging your contribution.


Foursome - $1,800


Secure a spot for a golf foursome, an ideal choice for teams eager to compete side by side on the greens. This package also provides access to an exclusive cocktail event and includes complimentary goody bags for each player.


Individual - $450


Secure your spot as an individual player and enjoy exclusive access to our cocktail event. Act quickly, as the registration fee will rise come October.


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ECODAR is a program to promote ecological awareness. The "Saving the Planet" Project was initially launched in 2013 by Nelly Guinand and Carolina Tinoco, the founders of ECODAR. They developed workshops for the Chacao mayor focusing on sustainable ventures and the ecological awareness program (Saving the Planet) for children aged 5 to 7. This program has been implemented for 20,000 children from various regions across Venezuela.


In 2023 in partnership with Foliogroup and UTD, developed the "Saving the Planet" initiative as a pilot in the U.S., with the aim of extending its profound impact throughout the Miami-Dade Schools and beyond.

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