Founded in 2010 by an innate need to create, build and transform, JQ Group of Companies came to life seeking not only excellence in the industry but also a complement that brings social value and improvement to the community. With determination, innovation and perseverance at the core, JQ Group believes in positive impact that directly affects future generations.

Pursuing higher standards of living, JQ Group rapidly grew its involvement in community outreach by forming strategic partnerships with several non-profit organizations throughout the years. Most recently, in 2015 the company solidified its commitment with the opening of Communitas Dei Association’s (CDEI) chapters in Miami and Venezuela, foundation that benefits children in Venezuela through programs in arts, sports, education, health and nutrition. Led by Liliana Malavé de Quintero, JQ Group’s Vice-President of Community Outreach, CDEI Miami has reached almost 7,500 children and shipped over 42,500 pounds in supplies to victims of the current crisis in Venezuela.

Despite the success achieved through CDEI, JQ Group understands the need to embark on new journeys that lead society to a brighter future and simultaneously recognizes the hardships that unfortunately form part of everyday life at a local level. Being an avid supporter during the humanitarian crisis of Venezuela for the past years, JQ Group now expands its efforts to lessen the pressing matters that affect its home base and surroundings. Starting in 2019, JQ Group reinforced its commitment with the establishment of the JQ Foundation, a non-profit organization that serves as the official benefactor of all community outreach efforts within the United States as well as internationally in Venezuela through CDEI Miami.

As JQ Group continues to support the humanitarian relief in Venezuela, it is also now its goal to partake in initiatives that produce long-lasting results in the environment and invest in sustainable projects that align with the company’s vision and core values.

Driven by a passion for transformation, JQ Foundation strives to enrich the cities where JQ Group operates through impactful initiatives that promote longevity. It also seeks to boost social growth by addressing local challenges and strategizing efforts to allocate resources that will tackle the issues affecting our community.






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Executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with over 25 years of experience in corporate accounting and insurance. For the last ten years, she has dedicated herself to fostering education, health, art, and sports programs in Venezuela through various nonprofit organizations.

Currently, she also serves as Executive Vice President of Community Outreach at JQ Group, where she oversees the company's corporate social responsibility initiatives. Mrs. Malave de Quintero strives to grow JQ Group's role in the community through the organization's activities and educational programs.

Mrs. Malave de Quintero has a Bachelor’s in Economics from Santa Maria University in Caracas, Venezuela.